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100% Renewable Rochester is a grassroots coalition committed to transitioning Rochester, MN to a 100% renewable energy economy. Our objective is to educate and engage the community on the issues, challenges, and opportunities involved in making this transition a reality. We believe establishing an aggressive goal backed by a groundswell of community support is the best way to ensure our success.

This effort is entirely self-funded so we aren’t asking for contributions. Instead we are asking for something much more important: your voice. We need people to stand up and demonstrate to local policy makers that we, as a community, support this effort. So please join us in our journey to create a better city for future generations.

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100 Percent Renewable Supporters

Over 1000 people have signed the petition to show their support for 100% renewable energy in Rochester. See some of the supporters below and add your name to the petition.


Individual Supports & Petition Signers

Rick Morris
Virginia Jorgensen
Steven M Jorgensen
Corey Lee
Jayden Crimmons
Adnan Mustafa
Luis Navarro
Matthew Rohren
Amy Garretson
Asha Kaliappan
Suad Mumin
Aliza Smith
Julia Stoen
Shaun Jacobson
Abby Gee
Mary Vlazny
Breanna Babcock
Brittany Wilson
Rubita Lollson
Nate Prigge
Tammey Tyler
Shekav Kaliappan
Florence Sandok
Abigail LeQuia
Luke Doskey
Ribu Goyal
Scott Stetzler
Don M Alpine
Kathryn Nguyen
Kelley Nguyen
Helene Woyczesczyk
Emily Anderton
Julian Voss
Melissa Hindermann
Micah Johnson
Che Lopez
Julie Wall
Steve Monk
Bruno Crulhas
Charlie Voss
Serennie Lam
Justin Voss
Auggie Voss
Nick Monti
Josh Howell
Sena Budimlic
Christina Schmidt
Tyler Aeschlimann
Deah Klholoz
Alex Kuisle
Katie Kuisle
Emily Breunig
Mike Breunig
Roman Breunig
Andy Pruett
Torri Jordan
Tyler Aug
Patricia Z Wimmer
Mark Irish Bailey Voigt
Kevin Adler
Gabriella Brinkmann
Jenna Khalili
Sunil Mehta
Joseph Kappher
Alexia Hinson
Kim Edson
Margaret Brandl
Esmir Hodzio
Eleanor Muzzy
Tanmay Igar
Chilesne Chidulangumu
Kesarin Mehta
Jaida Crowson
Rhiannon Wilson
Heather Ulueter
Damion Sturgill
Connor Ness
Emmalee Sattium
Suael Mumin
Vivian Nguyen
Monika Bartulouc
Olivia Dylbye-Wright
Jacey Meek
Mel Sadecki
Misha Johnson
Alexandria Kulas
Noelle Mazzy
Teresa Nowakowski
Mary Wright
Kristen Watkins
Greta Mae Glowarki
Fernanda Cabral
Lisa Alexander
Bryan Bachman
Nico Grothey
Marcus Yao
Rohan Mankad
David Mickelson
Sarah Strauss
Anne Miers
Bennett Oelkers
Youser Yoosif
Mason Madsen
Gabe Madsen
Noah Mitchell
Katelyn Ibarra
Diana Tapia
Yasmin Ali
Zauzau Ali
Tawhda Omar
Charlotte Kearney
Briyenka Misra
Marit Isaacson
Carter Brown
Mina Mandic
Max Cothern
Sophie Hendrickson
Melody Moiler
Megan Remick
Molly Hendrickson
Cole Gunneson
Geneso Gakka
Amit Sethi
Daniel Freund
Shane Meldahl
Michael Sharp
Mahsee Mane
Carl Anderson
Eman Abdullahi
Courtney Grandbois
Ghislaine Van Ert
Tripp Dow
Ben Persons
Molly Haslam
Miranda Gaalswyk
Roisin Haslam
Zonella Moe
Samuel O.
Alex S.
Cristina Erickson
Soni Shah
Alan Hoffman
Heather Mueller
Marlys Jax
Thomas Yung
Sister Ruth Snyder
Joanne Sieck
Kathleen Welscher
Kathy Porter
MacGyver Hemmert
Andrea Stish
Henry Homburger
Regina Mustafa
Brianna Zabel
Jonny Yucuis
Katy Lee
Leticia Flores
Todd Renard
Dee Sabol
Gale Julius
Dave Beal
Marty Walsh
Maria Garza
Abby Splittstoesser
Maria Cameron
Seth Nfonoyim-Hara
Maribel Cortes
Lora Burge
Emily Wakeman
Bailey Zubay
Cathy Ashton
Sara Hocker
Mary Jones
Brian Swancutt
Adnan Mustafa
Matthieu Lynch
Kevin Shaw
Brian Faloon
Ginger Fride
Cassy Roque
Leah Bruns
Kamau Wilkins
Paulette DeMers
Kylie Jo
Muhamad Elrashidi
Taylor Obert
Allison Roe
Brenna Brom
Nicole Wibstad
Natalie Mohammad
Michaela Bram
Amal Cheema
Lauren Sobotta
Carly Thomas
Amara Vercnocke
Jenn Kall
Hope Thilges
Nikki Blanchard
Justin Flechsig
Sierra Kryzer
Johnny Akzam
Jason Askelin
Peter Bliss
Lucinda Clements
Janine Brammer
Haley Pearson
Brenda Kalmbach
Siham Abdi
Alina Kaliszewski
Traci Downs
Kelly Kirkpatrick
Jared Lexvold
Sarah Lee
Stacey Tupper

100% Supporters & Friends

Rochester Earthfest.png

Rochester EarthFest

Rochester EarthFest is a 7-day, volunteer led event, which consists of programs at various locations around the area including Assisi Heights, Quarry Hill, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Squash Blossom Farm, Olmsted Waste-to-Energy Facility, and downtown Rochester. Check out their website.

Sierra Club.png

Rochester Sierra Club

The Rochester Sierra Club works to build a movement for a just and equitable transition to clean energy. Check out their Facebook page.

Conservation Minnesota.jpg

Conservation Minnesota

The work of Conservation Minnesota is guided by your values and priorities. They listen to Minnesotans and focus on solving the conservation problems that matter most to you; turning your love of Minnesota’s Great Outdoors into the laws that protect it. Check out their website

In The City For Good.jpg

In the City for Good

In The City for Good is community-based, grassroots response to the challenges of growth and an affirmation that all can share in it.

Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light.png

MN Interfaith Power and Light

Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light believes the active care of creation is integral to spiritual life and social justice. They respond to climate change by bringing Minnesota's faith communities together and by providing opportunities for congregations to join the growing climate justice movement. Check out their website.



MN350 works to inspire Minnesotans to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis: to create a new sense of urgency and possibility for our planet. MN350 knits many efforts together in a powerful and unified call to action—a call that is global, scientific, and relational. They work to build a social movement by empowering individuals, groups and communities to act collectively in addressing the climate crisis. Check out their website.

100 Renewable Rochester Placeholder.png

United By Bike

UxB advocates for safe streets used by all. UxB educates, advises and inspires local leaders, business owners and community members to get involved and take action. By bringing these voices to the chorus and pushing one pedal in front of the other we become stronger and unified in our shared vision for a community that protects and values all. Check out the UxB website.

CURE Logo.jpg


CURE is a member-led organization of low- and moderate-income people working to hold corporations and elected officials accountable to our community. We bring together hundreds of people directly affected by our issues to speak for themselves and demand change.

ISAIAH Logo.png


We are a multi-racial, state-wide, nonpartisan coalition of faith communities fighting for racial and economic justice in Minnesota.

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